Title A Development of Risk Identification Checklist for Stakeholders in the Construction Phase of the Urban Regeneration-Projects
Authors Park, Kyu-Young ; Young, Moon-Serk ; Kim, Seon-Gyoo
Page pp.67-75
ISSN 1229-7534
Keywords Urban regeneration project ; Risk Management ; Stakeholder ; Checklist
Abstract The mixed-use development project like urban regeneration project has been enforced with long period and participation of various stakeholders. For this character, lots of risk could be occurred during the process of project and the project's success or failure depends on the risk management. So the process of identifying and responding to risks in urban regeneration projects should be followed systemically. The risk identification phase is the first step to identify risk factors and define risk's character. One of the risk identification methods, the checklist, is the most practical and well-known one. This study suggests the check list that devide risks classified by stakeholders through analizing tasks of stakeholders and drawing risks. This kind of checklist which handles risk factors classified by stakeholders is an easy tool to identify risks and expected to be effective to find risks for various stakeholders and themselves in the urban regeneration projects.