Title Development of Component Design Process for Automated Construction System
Authors Jin, Il-Guan ; Shin, Yoonseok ; Cho, Hunhee ; Kang, Kyung-In
Page pp.76-86
ISSN 1229-7534
Keywords automatied construction system ; component design for automation ; Quality Function Deployment(QFD)
Abstract Recently automated construction system is attended in construction domains because of the increase of aged workers and the shortage of the experienced. So, the proportion of automated construction in Korea is expected to be getting higher from partially automated robots to full automation systems. However, it is difficult for the automated system to operate flexibly like the human based on various work condition. In the result, the higher the level of automation in the system is, the less efficient the automated system work in the site. So, it's necessary the development component design to compensate for the flexibility shortage of the system. Therefore, this study proposes the development process to component design suitable for automated construction system using QFD technique.