Title Development of VR Simulation Algorithm and System for Supporting Optimal Road Design Information
Authors Moon, Hyoun-Seok ; Kang, Leen-Seok
Page pp.101-110
ISSN 1229-7534
Keywords Road Design Phase ; VR Simulation ; Earthwork ; Activity Diagram ; Data Model
Abstract The current virtual reality(VR) simulation functions in construction project are focused on the construction phase. This study attempts to extend the application of VR functions to the design phase. This study suggests various VR functions such as earthwork simulation by road alignment, alternative route selection simulation, structure type selection simulation and underground structure visualization simulation. These functions can visualize road route and earthwork condition and select an optimal design route by simulating virtual placement of alternative route. This study configures systematic methodology for suggested VR simulation functions and develops VR system by the functions. Finally this study suggests an improved design process of road construction project by using the developed VR functions