Title Integrated Knowledge Management System based on Construction Portal
Authors Park, Moon-Seo ; Jang, You-Jin ; Lee, Hyun-Soo ; Yoon, You-Sang
Page pp.12-21
ISSN 1229-7534
Keywords Construction portal ; KMS ; Knowledge management process ; Blog
Abstract Construction companies recently have been highly interested in developing information system as following the advanced of IT technology. Especially, with advent of knowledge-based paradigm, Knowledge Management System(KMS) has been actively built. However, current KMS is not optimized and not satisfied because KMS is not integrated with existing information system and has problems of method of knowledge management. The objectives of this research is to develop integrated KMS, which synthesizes knowledge and functions of scattered information system. This research investigates current KMS and analyzes the requirements of KMS. Based on the requirements, the utilization of construction portal is suggested. And integrated knowledge management method, which has connections with applications in construction portal, is suggested and the system is developed.