Title Improvements of Policies related Building Energy Reduction in Korea
Authors Park, Jae-Hyun ; Hong, Tae-Hoon
Page pp.32-40
ISSN 1229-7534
Keywords GreenHouse Gas(GHG) ; Energy Reduction ; Building Energy Policy ; Improvement
Abstract Today, more than thiry countries around the world are designated as a mandatory GHG(GreenHouse Gas) emissions country from the UNFCCC(United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change). Korea is also possible to designate a mandatory GHG emissions country after Second mandatory emissions which will be started in 2013. Accordingly, Korea government has made efforts to reduce GHG and has enforced energy-related policies to deduce building energy. But there is no process such as providing of existing building improvement recommendations or expert verification for building remodeling in Korea energy-related policies compared with policies in other countries. For this reason, improvements of Korea which divided governments and city ? provinces are suggested. However suggested improvements are directions, so additional research is needed for detail methods.