Title Business Process Model for Urban Regeneration Project using BPMN Modeling Method
Authors Kim, Jae-Wook ; Ryu, Han-Kuk ; Son, Bo-Sik ; Choi, Yoon-Ki
Page pp.41-50
ISSN 1229-7534
Keywords urban regeneration ; business process ; BPMN(Business Process Modeling Notation) ; legislation
Abstract From 2000s, the development to improve space use of urban area has been requested because of unorganized urban development in 1960~70s. For this reason Urban Redevelopment projects have been changed to urban regeneration project based on the renewed law. Recent urban regeneration Projects are bigger and more complex than ever. These kinds of projects need good communication between projects stakeholders, however there are problems in processing project for the lack of standardized business process. The purpose of this study is to provide common business process of urban regeneration projects for stakeholders to improve understanding project business process through analyzing association way of urban regeneration project and modeling business process by BPMN (Business Process Modeling Notation) method. And also it is expected to improve communication between stakeholders and to shorten project time through prompting project participation with the proposed business process.