Title Problem Analysis and Improvement Scheme Based on Questionnaire Survey to Design VE Status for Apartment Buildings.
Authors Kim, Young-Hoon ; Kim, Yong-Su
Page pp.51-58
ISSN 1229-7534
Keywords Apartment buildings ; Design Value Engineering
Abstract The purpose of this study is to analyze problems and suggest improvement scheme based on questionnaire survey to design VE status for apartment buildings. For this study, the adapted research methods are case studies of design VE to construction companies and questionnaire survay to design staffs. The results of this study are as follows: 1) In the system aspect, the problems of design VE for apartment buildings are insufficiency of regulation and difficulty of performing design VE actively. In the performance aspect, the problems is absence of design VE procedure suited to apartment buildings. 2) In the system side, the improvements of design VE for apartment buildings include regulatory enlargement of design VE application for apartment buildings and rearrangement of VE incentive system for design staffs. In the performance side, a VE procedure suited to apartment buildings is developed and suggested.