Title Development of Optimal TACT Process for Eco-Friendly Demolition Works in Aged Housing Remodeling - Focus on Case Study -
Authors Woo, Joong-Pyung ; Kim, Ki-Hyun ; Hwang, Young-gyu ; Kim, Kyung-Rai ; Cha, Hee-Sung
Page pp.3-12
ISSN 1229-7534
Keywords PAged Housing ; Remodeling ; TACT-Process ; Eco-Friendly ; Demolition Work ; Workability
Abstract Technology based civilization has made a sustained advancement, resulting in economic growth and material prosperity. The outcome was the beginning of environmental destruction. Especially, in regard to construction, it has been recognized as a key culprit for pollution. As such, the construction industry has recently shown interest in the environment, as it has been applying environment friendly method of construction and reducing wastes. As the number of old common housing increases in our country, reconstruction and remodeling are implemented as a means of improvement. However, it can be said that remodeling is the inevitable option because of cost and environmental problems associated with reconstruction. As part of its feature, remodeling work is preceded by removal work. And, removal work inevitably creates construction wastes. Treatment of wastes that takes into consideration environmental aspects is important and for this, removal work that is based on environment friendly remodeling to ensure selective separation must be implemented. Yet, a removal work based on environment friendly remodeling has a lower level of output compared to existing methods. Because remodeling work by its nature has a post construction work which proceeds after it, securing work efficiency is important as the removal work is a critical path activity. Thus, the present study improves the work process of a removal work that is based on environment friendly remodeling so that it becomes a work process that includes work efficiency. For this, as a case study, old common housing has been selected, and a TACT process has been developed which is based on data acquired from environment friendly removal work. And, this study develops an optimal TACT process which is based on environment friendly remodeling by conducting a simulation for a 15 floor apartment.