Title Development of Checklist to Prevent Claim through Dispute Case Analysis of Public Construction Projects
Authors Shin, Chang-Joon ; Kim, Yoon-Kyum ; Cho, Kyu-Man ; Hyun, Chang-Taek ; Hong, Tae-Hoon
Page pp.13-22
ISSN 1229-7534
Keywords claim ; prevention of claim ; design phase ; checklist
Abstract Many studies on cause and prevention of claim have been carried out but they were mostly intended to come up with the improvement measures, improvement system or the measures to deal with the claim, which consequently lacked the substantial ways to identify the details of claim for prevention purpose. That is, there's in fact no tool, in preparation for potential claims, to identify and review the major potential causes at design stage to mitigate the claim and thus, it's necessary to develop the tool such as checklist needed to prepare the claim-supporting documents, check the relevant laws as well as to identify the cause of claim. Hence the study, given the fact that cause of claim is mostly generated at the design stage though the claim itself tends to occur at the construction stage, was aimed at developing the checklist based on contract document such as design documents at design stage for public construction projects in a bid to prevent the potential claim occurred at the design stage.