Title Analysis of Boundary Conditions for Activities' Relationships in Linear Scheduling Model
Authors Ryu, Han-Guk ; Kim, Tae-Hui
Page pp.23-32
ISSN 1229-7534
Keywords Linear Scheduling Model ; Boundary Condition ; Lead Space ; Lead Time ; TACT Schedule
Abstract Domestic leading construction companies has been establishing and performing TACT scheduling method, similar to linear scheduling model such as line of balance and repetitive schedule, and etc. in which repetitive construction works are involved like high-rise building. Linear scheduling model has been researched as a visual scheduling method presenting the work space and time information. Likewise scheduling constraints of CPM network such as finish-to-finish, start-to-start, finish-tostart, start-to-start, linear scheduling model also has the relationships constraints, namely boundary conditions, between activities. It is especially necessary to define the boundary conditions of the activities' relationships in order to apply the linear scheduling model to be compatible with the network schedule. Therefore, this research considers the boundary conditions between activities for establishing the linear scheduling model. This paper also applies the proposed boundary conditions to TACT schedule and then deduces the main considerations in order to establish and perform TACT schedule.