Title Economic Order Quantity(EOQ) Determination Process for Construction Material considering Demand Variation and Stockyard Availability
Authors Yun, Jung-Sook ; Yu, Jung-Ho ; Kim, Chang-duck
Page pp.33-42
ISSN 1229-7534
Keywords Demand Variation ; Useable Stockyard Size ; Inventory Management ; Economic Order Quantity(EOQ) ; Materials Management process
Abstract Part of material and inventory management is one of important factor for business interests. But importance of material and inventory management in domestic construction project has been relatively devalued. The existing study of inventory has been studied with limited individual factor about inventory management. Therefore construction material management needs improvement via an accurate prediction with whole and systematic process viewpoint. and existing theory of material and inventory introduction to construction from manufacturing needs reflecting characteristics about construction project. This paper suggests material management process for economic material management. This paper to make a unit curtain wall of case construction project comparison between total cost of existing material management process and total cost of economic order quantity of proposal material management process To verify usefulness of order point and order quantity determination process.