Title A Layout Planning Optimization Model for Finishing Work
Authors Park, Moonseo ; Yang, Youngjun ; Lee, Hyun-soo ; Han, Sang-won ; Ji, Sae-hyun
Page pp.43-52
ISSN 1229-7534
Keywords Layout Planning ; Space Management ; Genetic algorithm ; Finishing work
Abstract Unnecessary transportation of resources are one of the major causes that adversely affect construction site work productivity. Therefore, layout related studies have been conducted with efforts to develop management technologies and techniques to minimize the resource transportation made at site-level. However, although the necessity for floor-level layout planning studies has been increasing as buildings have become larger and floors have become more complicated, studies to optimize the transportation of materials inside buildings are currently not being actively conducted. Therefore, in this study, a model was developed using genetic algorithms(GA) that will enable the optimization of the locations of finishing materials on the work-floor. With the established model, the arrangement of diverse materials on complicated floors can be planned and the optimized material layout planning derived from the model can minimize the total material transportation time spent by laborers during their working day. In addition, to calculate travel distances between work sites and materials realistically, the concept of actual travel distances was applied. To identify the applicability of the developed model and compare it with existing methodologies and analyze it, the model was applied to actual high-rise residential complexes.