Title A Development of Project Performance Predicting System(PPS) considering Construction Project Characteristics
Authors Ko, Young-jin ; Cha, Hee-sung
Page pp.62-72
ISSN 1229-7534
Keywords Project performance measurement ; Performance predicting system ; Project characteristics ; Fuzzy set theory
Abstract Currently, The failure of construction project is increasing to be caused by a changing construction environment. According to this circumstances, Researches of project success factors affecting performance have been presented to develop strategies for efficient construction project management in the construction industry. However, Conducting efficient construction project management is difficult because project manager could not know which project success factors can be improved or not. Especially, although the project characteristics were derived the level of difficulty for performance, research of the project characteristics which could not be improved as influence factor to performance is lacking. Therefore, This paper has developed the Performance Predicting System(PPS) with Fuzzy set theory to establish. PPS has been developed to establish efficient project management strategies and to save time and effort. As Contractor inputs the project characteristics, PPS can predict the level of difficulty of performance.