Title Development of Progress Management System based on Quality Inspection Information - Case Study on Nuclear Power Plant Construction -
Authors Kwahk, Kil-Jong ; Kim, Jae-Jun
Page pp.73-84
ISSN 1229-7534
Keywords Cost-Schedule Integration ; Progress ; Quality Inspection ; Process ; Information System
Abstract This study represents construction progress management model based on quality inspection process in addition to cost-schedule integration. Quality inspection process cycle, resource estimate as progress measurement parameter, hierarchical structure of schedule, and inspection lots linking quality inspection to resource estimate are addressed as four main information areas. The authors established several process models to give a structure and correlations among information elements on each of these areas. Applying the process models proposed, an information system was implemented and utilized for nuclear power plant construction. It reveals that the system achieves accurate and objective progress information in near real time with significantly reduced time and effort as well as administrative efficiencies from making quality inspection process online.