Title A GateSensor for Effective and Efficient Entering/Taking Management of Vehicles for Construction Logistics
Authors Yoon, Su-Won ; Song, Jae-Hong ; Shin, Tae-Hong ; Chin, Sangyoon
Page pp.85-96
ISSN 1229-7534
Keywords Logistics Management ; Vehicle Access Management ; Supply Chain Management ; RFID
Abstract The access monitoring and control system of vehicles involved in construction logistics has been evolved from paper-based through bar code-based and to RFID-based management with pursuing automatic data collection and management. However, existing management methods have a limit that they still need manpower allocation for access control of vehicles. Therefore this research has proposed an framework that includes devices and an information system for effective and efficient data collection for access control of vehicles for construction logistics. And the proposed framework has been verified through a laboratory test using a prototype system developed in this research. It is expected that the installation methods of RFID antenna and tag for the framework could be applied to not only the access control of construction site but also various RFID applications at construction sites.