Title Construction Process Analysis of Han-Ok for BIM Based Modern Han-Ok Construction Simulation
Authors Yun, Seok-Heon
Page pp.3-10
ISSN 1229-7534
Keywords Han-ok ; Process ; Simulation
Abstract Currently, technologies for industrialization and dissemination for Han-Ok are developed actively. Also BIM technologies are actively developed. However, it is difficult to find the research and study cases for construction method and process for Han-Ok. BIM is the technology for managing information with element as a unit for building design, construction and management, and it is closely related to Han-Ok using assembling method for building construction. We analyzed the basic construction processes for IK-Gong and MinDoRi house, typical types of Han-Ok. Also we developed the Work Breakdown Structure of construction process for Han-Ok and suggested the method for construction simulation using BIM. Simple BIM model of Han-Ok which is Ik-Gong type is used for case study. It was possible to link automatically between 3D elements objects and construction activities about 95% in the case study. More studies of construction method for various type of Han-Ok and rules for link between elements and construction activities are required for Industrialization and dissemination of Han-Ok.