Title A Study on the Problem Analysis and Quality Improvement in Fabricating Free-Form Buildings Facade Panels through Mock-up Panels Production
Authors Kwen Soon-Ho ; Shim, Hyoun-Woo ; Ock, Jong-Ho
Page pp.11-21
ISSN 1229-7534
Keywords Panelization ; Digital Project ; Optimization ; Laser Scanning ; Mock-up Testing
Abstract The most critical issue in free-form buildings is how to construct the free-formed exterior facade panels. Their geometric complexity delivers many cons and problems in fabricating and constructing their shapes. To construct a free-form building, first of all, its skin has to be chopped into small pieces, which is called panelization. After panelization, the panels go through an optimization process to construct them economically. The panel’s geometries are modified or regenerated through this optimization process. In this study, the panel optimization process of free-form buildings are performed through a case study. The panel shapes of the case study are modeled with Digital Project. To test the constructability of the various panels, 8 mock-up panels are made and laser scanning technology is applied to measure the preciseness of the panels manufactured in comparison with their original design.