Title A Study on the Requisite Elements of LCCO2 Evaluation System at Planning Stage of Building
Authors Baek, Cheong-Hoon ; Tae, Sung-Ho ; Roh, Seung-Jun ; Lee, Joo-Ho ; Shin, Sungwoo
Page pp.31-41
ISSN 1229-7534
Keywords Carbon Navigator ; LCCO2 ; Evaluation Program ; Planning Stage ; GEM-21P ; Carbon-Navigator
Abstract The LCCO2 evaluation programs previously developed in Korea involve limitations in establishing strategies of reducing environmental loads to optimal level in a way to put in materials directly after designing. Therefore, this study has the purpose to extract and propose elements required for the establishment of highly accurate system by counteracting swiftly in a method with high energy efficiency over cost at planning stage. To that end, existing LCCO2 evaluation programs in Korea and abroad were compared and analyzed, and in the planning stage, GEM-21P and Carbon-navigator intended for the establishment of building energy performance improving strategy were selected as the evaluation program for survey. On such basis, after comparison and analysis between LCCO2 calculating methods and system structures of the two programs, elements required for system establishment that can evaluate life-cycle environmental loads of building in planning stage were proposed.