Title Subject Selection Model of Green VE for Sustainable Design
Authors Song, Chang-Yeob ; Moon, Hyun-Seok ; Hyun, Chang-Taek
Page pp.42-52
ISSN 1229-7534
Keywords Green VE ; Sustainable Building ; Green Building Rating System ; Subject Selection ; Reliability Interval Method
Abstract As environmental issues are rising recently efforts to reduce environmental stress are emerging in all industry segments. Especially environmental impact of buildings occupy a critical portion, so each country is operating green building rating system for life cycle of buildings. Accordingly green building rating system for every facility is operating in Korea. And acquisition of gradeⅠ for building energy efficiency is mandatory for every new public buildings since 2010. To design green building efficiently and systematically eco-friendly elements should be considered and checked from the schematic design phase. But in many cases eco-friendly elements are checked at the end of constructed design phase. So applying eco-friendly elements at the value engineering process, which is performing through schematic and constructed design phase, could make a efficient and systematic green building design. Value engineering process is divided into pre workshop, workshop and post workshop stages. And subject selection in pre workshop stage is the step that finds out the subjects which has the great possibility to be improved to perform efficient value engineering workshop. So this study present the Green VE subject selection model to select the most considerable eco-friendly subjects in projects.