Title Optimum Delivery Frequency for Reducing Construction Logistics Cost under a Carbon Taxation
Authors Park, Moonseo ; Chun, Myunghee ; Lee, Hyun-Soo ; Hwang, Sungjoo ; Jang, Myung-Houn
Page pp.73-82
ISSN 1229-7534
Keywords Just-In-Time ; Delivery Frequency ; Logistics Cost ; Carbon Tax ; System Dynamics
Abstract The term 'green' has become an important way of survival for the construction industry in 21th century in accordance with the emergence of the environmental crisis due to the climatic change. Especially the policy of carbon taxation, planed to be introduced from 2012, is expected to be a considerable burden to the construction industry which has abundant carbon emission during the resource transportation due to the complexity of resources and local distribution of the construction sites. In this regard, this study shows an optimizing strategy for delivery frequency, which downsizes the net distribution costs based on the assumption that, despite of its other advantagements, the frequent small lot mode of JIT delivery would take negative effects due to the increase of costs of transportation and carbon emission once the carbon taxation policy carried out. To simulate the efficiency of the management strategies, the System Dynamics modeling has been used. The results show that the frequent small lot transportation strategy is now always efficient method to these changes, and that the frequency of transportation should be re-determinated according to the extent of the imposition of carbon tax. This study provides the conceptual frame for an efficient management of transportation system of the construction industry, showing necessity of change of the resource transportation systems through analysing JIT deliver system in accordance with the global changes in environmental economy.