Title Evaluation Method of Green Construction Technologies Using Integrated LCC and LCA Analysis
Authors Kim, Yoon-Duk ; Cha, Hee-Sung ; Kim, Kyung-Ra ; Shin, Dong-Woo
Page pp.91-100
ISSN 1229-7534
Keywords LCC ; LCA ; Economical Evaluation Method ; Green Technologies ; Integrated Method ; AHP
Abstract Green technologies of buildings are spreading for saving resource and energy consumption during life cycle of buildings. However, selection of optimized the technologies for applying projects is needed a lot of time and costs. Therefore prioritization is necessary to apply the technologies for buildings. An evaluation of economic value for the technologies is significant for prioritization of the technologies, however, the current evaluation system of economic value for technologies is not reflected the accurate features of the technologies. Green technologies have the objectives for reducing the emission of CO2 and saving the cost during the whole lifecycle of buildings. Thus the evaluation of economic feasibility for green technologies is needed to include the economic value from improving the environment. This paper developed the economic evaluation method integrated with LCC and LCA to accurately analyze the economic value for green technologies. Moreover, this paper drew the priority of the technologies by conducting case studies with the integrated method and analyzing the results with AHP. The conclusion of case studies, Green technologies is worth more if to include the economic value from improving the environment. Then in analysis of priority, Green intelligent component technologies were rated the highest. The conclusion of the study is able to utilize the supporting tool for making decision to select the optimized technologies for the projects and precedence study for developing future research of prioritization for green technologies. The future study for improving the developed method will supplement the various evaluation factors and apply the detailed weight to analyze the priority of green technologies.