Title Strategies for developing the Appropriation Method of the Construction Quality Cost
Authors Park, Hyeong-Geun ; Park, Yun-Chul
Page pp.101-111
ISSN 1229-7534
Keywords Quality Control ; Quality Management Cost ; Quality Management ; Quality Management System ; Quality Assurance
Abstract Clients ought to Appropriate the cost of quality management for contractors based on Construction Technology Management Act. The costs of safety management and environment reservation are separately estimated. and the quality management cost is added up to secure the construction quality required on sites. However, the sufficient cost for quality management was not allowed to the contractors, due to the viewpoints of the clients that the quality management should be one of the duties of contractors. In addition, an Account-related legislation enacted a provision of the labor cost of quality management as the one that should be included in the indirect labor cost. From the continuous survey the quality management cost is currently estimated by 0.2% of the total project cost and the contractors protest the portion of the quality management cost is insufficient. Thus, this paper aimed to provide the bases of estimation of the actualized quality management cost considering the viewpoint of contractors.