Title A Comparative Study on the Usage Level of Construction Management Services during Pre-Construction Stages - Focused on Public and Private Building Projects -
Authors Cho, Hong Keun ; Kim, Han Soo
Page pp.112-120
ISSN 1229-7534
Keywords Usage Level of CM Services ; Pre-construction Stages ; CM Needs ; Building Projects ; Public and Private Sectors
Abstract Since early 2000s, the use of construction management(CM) in the public and private building sectors has rapidly grown in Korea. In addition, the use of CM services during pre-construction stages has been increasingly recognized as a critical factor to succeed in construction projects. Understanding clients' needs of pre-construction CM services is important for CM firms to strategically prepare and cope with market needs. The objective of the paper is to investigate and compare the usage level of CM services in public and private building projects during pre-construction stages, and to identify key characteristics and implications for CM firms. The paper identified that although there are some differences in CM service needs between public and private sectors, time management and cost management commonly showed the higher usage level.