Title Development of Process Model and Software for Evaluation of Privately-funded Infrastructure Projects
Authors Jung, Pyung Ki ; Baek, Hyeon Gi ; Seo, Jong Won
Page pp.140-149
ISSN 1229-7534
Keywords privately-funded infrastructure projects ; project promoter selection ; project plan evaluation
Abstract The government introduced private infrastructure projects in order to reduce its financial burden by introducing private sectors` efficiency and creativity and by utilizing their funds. Through revision, the act on the private investment of the infrastructure, many changes were made in the private investment system. The evaluation task to assess the project proposer`’s capability and to select a promoter is regarded as the most important process for fairness and transparency of the project. In this study, the improvement of project plan evaluation task of current private infrastructure projects is proposed based on the standard guideline for evaluation procedure of private infrastructure projects provided by Korea Development Institute. In addition, software program for evaluation procedure is made to improve the efficiency and enableconvenient evaluation task.