Title An Analysis of Importance and Requirement Factors in the aspect of Facility Manager for Correctional Facility
Authors Cheon, Je-Hong ; Kang, Min-Goo ; Kim, Min-Seok ; Hwang, Uk-Sun ; Kim, Yong-Su
DOI http://dx.doi.org/10.6106/KJCEM.2012.13.3.025
Page pp.25-33
ISSN 1229-7534
Keywords Correctional Facility ; Facility Manager ; Requirement Factors ; AHP(Analytic Hierarchy Process)
Abstract The purpose of this study is an analysis of importance and requirement factors in the aspect of facility manager for correctional facility. For this study, It limited ranges of study in 11 correctional facilities that have been completed after 2000 years. It had survey and interview with managers of correctional facilities that are selected for study and then it derived the requirement factors of correctional facilities. Based on those requirement factors, Importance analysis is performed by using AHP method. The result of this study are as follows: 1) The fields are divided into architecture, building finishing, machinery, electricity fields and it derives details of each field. 2) The results of importance on requirements of managers in correctional facilities are as follows. Planing of building arrangement (10.9%) in architecture, secure plan for soundproof partition (14.1%) in building finishing, isolation lining of heating and cooling system(11.9%) in machinery, and improvement of control system(12.2%) in electricity.