Title A Study of the Work Efficiency in the High Altitude according to Climatic Elements
Authors Lee, Hyun-Soo ; Cho, Sung-Jun ; Park, Moon-Seo ; Hwang, Sung-Joo ; Kim, Hyun-Soo
DOI http://dx.doi.org/10.6106/KJCEM.2012.13.3.067
Page pp.67-77
ISSN 1229-7534
Keywords High-rise Building ; Operation Efficiency ; Climatic Elements
Abstract O Having a highly reliable plan for the process and estimating an accurate construction period during the early stages of a construction project can prevent falsifying the plan and reduce the occurrence of construction delays. Moreover, it allows a succession of swift and accurate decisions to happen. The difficulty in obtaining an accurate estimate of the construction period is especially prominent in high-rise building projects because the works involved are very complicated and costly. As such, it is important that research is done to find out the impacts a reliable plan and good estimate of the construction period can bring with regards to the monthly work efficiency and success of a high-rise building project. However, due to the difference in climatic conditions at high altitude and surface level, the current way of calculating work efficiency in a typical project is inaccurate for a high-rise building project. With that, this paper aims to compute the work efficiency with height, taking into consideration the change in climatic elements at different working heights. A comparison of the results according to the climatic features of each city can also be done in this paper. According to the results calculated in work altitudes, the work efficiency in Busan falls the most. On the other hands, the work efficiency in Seoul falls the least. The reason these results are shown is the influence of wind speed at high altitude. The estimation of work efficiency at high altitude would be used for estimating construction period, feasibility studies, and selecting a city of high-rise building projects.