Title Remodeling Process Model Applying Service Life and Functionaliyt Evaluation for Military Facilities
Authors Cho, Jongwoo ; Lee, Hyun-Soo ; Park, Moonseo ; Kim, Jaegon ; Moon, Hyo-Soo
DOI http://dx.doi.org/10.6106/KJCEM.2015.16.6.041
Page pp.41-52
ISSN 2005-6095
Keywords Military Facilities ; Deterioration ; Elapsed Time ; Service Life ; Functionality Evaluation ; Remodeling
Abstract The number of military facilities has been rapidly increased due to growing requirement of modernization and military welfare. However, adequate maintenance has not implemented to these facilities. As a result, they are deteriorated quickly and require performance enhancement treatments. There are two ways of performance enhancement, reconstruction and remodeling. Despite the research result that remodeling within the standard remodeling range is more economical, remodeling of military facilities is not considered equivalent to reconstruction as an option of performance improvement. Therefore, derived from t he relationship between performance change during life cycle of building and range of remodeling needs, this study tries to propose Remodeling Process Model(RPM) which uses a method to choose remodeling in a Specific Point of Time(SPT) when remodeling is considered more economical than reconstruction. In addition, this study suggests practical service life and functionality evaluation standard together which require to realize the RPM. This RPM make it possible to avoid the cases that facilities which do not have any problem on structural reliability but have low level of functionality miss appropriate remodeling timing and inevitably choose reconstruction as a performance improvement option. It also present the possibility of simple reconstruction / remodeling decision-making for facility managers who administrate building having various type, compilation and elapsed time. Consequently, this process model focusing on remodeling more may contribute to reduce resource waste caused by reconstruction.