Title The Case Study on Performance Measurement Weighting for Efficient Value Engineering Study of Sewage Treatment Facliity
Authors Kim, Dongjin ; Park, Jaeil ; Lee, Jaehun ; Lee, Minjae
DOI http://dx.doi.org/10.6106/KJCEM.2016.17.1.040
Page pp.40-47
ISSN 2005-6095
Keywords Design VE ; Multi-Level Performance Measurement ; AHP ; Sewage Treatment Plant
Abstract Recently, the demand of sewage treatment facilities have increased by growing the population growth of city and industrialization. However, most of public sewage treatment facilities lack the preparations of design criteria by increasing sewage water amount in the future. In order to respond to this situation, the government has consistently promoted the sewage treatment construction project. This study conducted a survey targeting residents and sewage treatment facilities, civil engineering a VE project professionals for effectively operating the sewage treatment facilities and improving its value to be built in the future. Based on this survey, this study will introduce the list of performance measurements which can not only save cost but also reflect opinion of users and residents. In addition, using Multi- Level Performance Measurement and AHP analyzed the weights of performance measurement which is more objective than existing things for applying efficient VE process.