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Title Proposal Strategy and Performance Analysis of Electronic HumanR esources Management Pilot Project
Authors Kim, Inchie ; Chin, Sangyoon ; Kim, Seongah ; Kim, Yeasang ; Lee, Sangjun ; Park, Soohun
Page pp.3-11
ISSN 2005-6095
Keywords Electronic Human Resources Management ; Retirement Mutual Aid Program ; Performance Evaluation
Abstract The Construction Workers Mutual Aid Association is carrying out a number of strategic tasks with the goal of "contributing to improving employment and stabilizing the return of workers to construction workers through employment welfare and retirement deduction services." One of them is the retirement deduction system. The retirement allowance system is a system for the retirement income and livelihood security of construction workers who are not adequately protected by the Labor Standards Act, such as retirement allowances due to the nature of day labor. The Construction Workers Mutual Aid Association has promoted the introduction of electronic manpower management. For the efficient management of the pilot sites and the plans for the future, comprehensive evaluation of the pilot sites as well as the evaluation of the status and operation results of each pilot project site are needed. Therefore, in this study, we will develop performance indicators to evaluate the current state of electronic manpower pilot projects and analyze the actual situation of pilot project sites through actual appilcation, and try to derive future implementation strategies.