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Title Evaluation of Handover Requirements of Construction Information for Efficient Facility Management
Authors Lee, Ikhaeng ; Jung, Youngsoo
Page pp.12-20
ISSN 2005-6095
Keywords Facility Management ; Construction Information ; Business Function ; Handover Requirements
Abstract As facilities have become larger, more complex, and advanced, the importance of the facility management in the operation phase of the building is increasing. As a result, the scope of the facility management function is expanding, and the requirements of information are ever-increasing. However, inefficient exchange of information occurs due to duplicated tasks and lack of collaboration among the construction life cycle phases, resulting in cost loss. These low interoperability issues can be complemented by construction information management from a life cycle perspective. Efficient construction information management at each life-cycle stage is derived from the owner's will and is materialized through the construction information handover requirements by the owner. The purpose of this study is to develop an evaluation method of construction information handover requirements for facility management. In order to develop the method, facility management types and business functions are also classified and defined in this paper. Using the methodology proposed by this study, a case-study of evaluating the 'takeover items' submitted by contractors was performed for the purpose of research validation. The results of the case-study found that the most effective areas are in the order of 'legal informations', 'drawings', 'guides', etc. This study can be used as a reference data for deriving handover requirements for construction information at the early stage of the project.