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Title Study on Management Plan of the Financial Supervisory Service According to Increase of Risk of Household Debts
Authors Lee, YunHong
Page pp.21-33
ISSN 2005-6095
Keywords Credit Ratings of Small and Medium-sized Security Companies ; Credit Ratings of Large Construction Companies ; PF Contingency Liabilities ; Government's Policy on the Property Market ; Management Policy of Financial Supervisory Service
Abstract In 2018, the real estate markets have hardly been transacted according to the government's tight regulations of real estates, and have the high possibility to reach a low hit due to the hike of loan interest rates following the U. S rise of base money rate. The key profits for the large construction companies mainly come from the overseas plant projects and the domestic non-governmental construction projects. They suffered a lot such as the lowering of their credit ratings due to the large losses caused by the frquent design changes and work delay. Even in the domestic nongovernmental construction projects, the general business risks are on the rise due to the property marketing moving over to the decreasing phase. The small and medium sized security companies has realized a lot of operaring profits as they participated in the PF market to make up for the losses in the securities trading business. But, now as the housing market is not so good around the nation except Seoul and the financial states of large construction companies are not good enough, they can face the liquidity crisis if there happens the problems in the PF backed securities which they have handled. As Korean economy experienced the crisis in the savings banks before, it is recommended that Financial Supervisory Service proposes the preemptive control method and supervision direction to overcome the crisis.