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Title Analysis of Defect Risk by Work Types based on Warranty Liabitlyi Period in Apartments
Authors Kim, Sang-Hyeon ; Kim, Jae-Jun
Page pp.34-42
ISSN 2005-6095
Keywords Work Types ; Warranty Liability Period ; Defect Risk ; Apartment
Abstract Apartment is a typical type of housing preferred by the majority of people. However, and defect disputes occur because various defects such as cracks, subsidence, breakage, water leakage, dew condensation and dropout are confirmed with numerous structures and finishing materials. From this point of view, this paper analyzes defect frequency and costs of each warranty period by work types, and estimates defect risks by using defect dispute cases. It examined about 5,337 defect items for 32 apartment over ten years old. In this paper, there are 10 types of work types and the warranty liability period is divided into 6 categories. Based on these categories, defect frequency and costs are investigated, and finally defect risk of the warranty liability period by work types confirmed. As a result of this analysis, it was found that defect risk in RC and finishing work is very high. Especially the RC work revealed that there is a high risk of trying from the third year onwards and it was found that the defect risk up to the second year is high in the finishing work. Due to aging of RC structure, the defect risk gradually increases, and finishing work initially cause defect disputes because of the housing environment.