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Title Effect of Office Building Remodeling Project Characteristics on the Occurrence of Schedule Delay Risk Factors
Authors Cho, Kyuman ; Kim, Taehoon
Page pp.22-31
ISSN 2005-6095
Keywords Office Building Remodeling Projects ; Schedule Delay Risk Factors ; Project Characteristics ; Data Analysis
Abstract Due to the inherent risk factors of the remodeling projects, the remodeling project is failing frequently, and schedule delay are occurring in most remodeling projects. The risk factors that cause the delays in these remodeling projects are not common to all remodeling projects, and the likelihood of risk factors will be affected by the various characteristics of the project. In this context, based on the results of a reliable survey conducted on 29 construction managers who have performed remodeling projects, this research analyzes (1) "importance of each characteristic", which means how frequently the characteristics of the remodeling project affect the occurrence of risk factors, (2) "the likelihood of delay risk factors for remodeling projects", which assesses which risk factors are most likely to occur, and 3) "the level of effect of project characteristics that affects the occurrence of each risk factor." Through this study, the relationship between various characteristics of the office building remodeling projects and the delay risk factors was analyzed in various aspects, in further, it is expected that the owner planning the remodeling will be able to grasp the delay risk that is likely to occur according to the characteristics of the project in advance.