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Title Improvement of the Evaluation Method for VE Alternatives using the Risk Assessment Process
Authors Park, Jin-Ho ; Jin, Zheng-xun ; Hyun, Chang-taek ; Kim Hyun-joo ; Kwon, Suk-hyun
Page pp.32-42
ISSN 2005-6095
Keywords VE ; Risk Assessment ; Evaluation Method
Abstract Since the success or failure of VE projects depends on the capabilities of participants, including owners, construction managers, architects, general contractors and VE experts, it is important to follow systematic procedures. However, it is often the case that only a rough evaluation is performed, or the rough and detailed evaluations are integrated in actual VE tasks. In this case, it is difficult to analyze and evaluate the alternatives in terms of risk, even for the important alternatives. This in turn leads to the so-called returning alternatives where the alternatives proposed in the preceding stage are returned to the original plans in the following stage, and thus the repetitive work for the alternatives often decreases the efficiency of the VE task. In this regard, this study proposed a risk assessment process for VE alternatives in order to minimize the occurrence of returning alternatives based on the systematic analysis and evaluation of VE alternatives. It will increase the efficiency of VE tasks by reduces the number of regression alternatives.