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Title An Estimating Model for Job-Site Overhead Costs according to Porgress Rate
Authors Jeong, Kichang ; Lee, Jaeseob
Page pp.43-52
ISSN 2005-6095
Keywords Job-Site Overhead Costs ; Apartment ; Progress Rate ; Construction Cost ; Curve Fitting
Abstract Generally, research on construction cost has been done mostly regarding its direct cost, thus model regarding indirect cost lacks attention. This research seeks to introduce a model to predict on-site overhead cost for apartment construction projects, which constitutes a big portion in Korean construction industry. We devised an equation of 9th degree via curve-fitting, using multiple on-site actual expense data, which can be used to calculate per-progress rate, per-day on-site overhead cost. We further show prospective usage of the model by applying it on construction projects sizing about 30 billion won. Regarding the fact that previous studies could not recognize pattern changes of a total onsite overhead cost, this model is worthy of its conveniency and thoroughness, as well as providing reasonal ground for its derivation in predicting on-site overhead cost of apartment construction projects.