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Title Analyzing the Competence of Construction Engineers in Apartment Construction
Authors Kim, Hu Yong ; Kim, Yea Sang
Page pp.14-23
ISSN 2005-6095
Keywords Apartment Construction ; Construction Engineers ; Competency ; AHP ; ANOVA
Abstract In the domestic construction industry, large-scale housing construction projects are being carried out by construction companies with competitiveness in the domestic top 10, it is said that the competence of the construction engineer is a factor for the success of the project. In Korea, there is National Competency Standards (NCS) that systematize contents of knowledge, technology, and attitude required in order to perform job in industrial field as the importance of individual ability is systemized in the country. Therefore, in this study, defined the detail competence in construction administration works, and examined the level of competence and degree of impotance detailed competency of construction engineers using AHP analysis & ANOVA. As a result, it was found that the current capacity of the Engineers in the apartment construction work is insufficient compared to the level of the competence they think they have, and that they have different competencies depending on their work experience and job position. This means that if the career is accumulated, the capacity that is possessed naturally will be changed. Therefore, it will be necessary to improve the capacity of the construction engineers who have a short work experience and a low job level.