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Title An Analysis of Characteristics of Professional Qualifications for Constructor and Quantity Surveyor in China
Authors Han, Guang ; Shin, Kyoo-chul
Page pp.24-33
ISSN 2005-6095
Keywords Chinese Construction Qualification System ; Constructor ; Quantity Surveyor ; Professional Engineer
Abstract Chinese construction companies take major roles gradually in the global construction market. Chinese construction companies performs well-organized project execution by the construction related professionals based on the domestic education and qualification system. The purpose of this study is to analysis the characteristics of professional qualifications for constructor and quantity surveyor in China. The result shows that qualification systems of constructor and quantity surveyor are well classified in detail and operated by government. Each qualifications require broad and defined knowledge structure together with practical experiences. The research result will open the further research of Chinese construction related qualifications in the ways of more specificity, expertise, and practicality.