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Title Anlysis of the Environmental Load Impact Factors for IPC Girder Bridge Using Principal Component Anlysis
Authors Kim, Joon-Soo ; Jeon, Jin-Gu ; Kim, Byung-Soo
Page pp.46-54
ISSN 2005-6095
Keywords Environmental load ; Impact Factor ; IPC Girder Bridge ; LCA ; Principle Component Analysis
Abstract In the 21st century, the Earth has continued its efforts to reduce carbon emissions to overcome the crisis caused by climate change. The construction industry, which is a representative industry that produces large amounts of the environmental load during construction, should actively reduce the amount of the environmental load. From the planning stage of the construction facility, it is necessary to consider the environmental load such as route selection and structure type selection to reduce the environmental load. However, the environmental load can be estimated based on the input resource amount. However, in the planning stage, it is difficult to accurately calculate the environmental load due to lack of information on the construction amount. The purpose of this study is to select the environmental load factors for IPC girder bridges to be used in the environmental load estimation model in the planning stage. Specific information related to the environmental load was selected from a list of information available in the planning stage, reflecting the Life Cycle Assessment(LCA), correlation, principal components analysis and expert opinion. The list of selected planning stage information is 10 such as span length and bridge extension, and it is expected to be used as a basic data for the future development of environmental load estimation model.