Title A Study on the Estimation of Additional Cost for the Certification of Zero Energy Apartment Buildings
Authors Sa, Yong-gi ; Haan, Chan Hoon
DOI http://dx.doi.org/10.6106/KJCEM.2019.20.5.021
Page pp.21-30
ISSN 2005-6095
Keywords Zero Energy Building Certification; Additional Cost; Cost Efficiency Analysis
Abstract Environmental and energy issues such as abnormal climate and depletion of fossil fuel due to global warming have emerged as a critical task to threaten human survival. As a result, interest in the Zero Energy Building is increasing as it is an innovative building that can significantly contribute to building energy reduction and greenhouse gas reduction. In the market, however, the added cost of construction is a major stumbling block to the revitalization of the Zero Energy certification. In this study, general private apartment complexes were selected for research, detailed elements for Zero Energy certification were presented based on the construction criteria for eco-friendly houses from the initial design stage, and the cost efficiency analysis of the components for certification were presented. It has been analyzed that only Grade 3 certification can be implemented in apartments due to technical level and physical limitations. Also, after reviewing the cost trend during the lifecycle cost, all expenses can be recovered within 13 years after completion only in the case of grade 5 of the Zero Energy Building. The additional costs proposed in the present study are reflected appropriately in the review of projects for apartments scheduled for order in the future to contribute to the revitalization of the Zero Energy Building certification.