Title Establishment of Integrated Design Bases Management System of APR1400 Using BIM based Algorithm
Authors Shin, Jaeseop ; Choi, Jaepil
DOI http://dx.doi.org/10.6106/KJCEM.2019.20.5.052
Page pp.52-60
ISSN 2005-6095
Keywords APR1400; BIM; Design Bases; DBIL; Nuclear Power Plant
Abstract The APR1400 is a 1400MWe nuclear power plant developed through national technology development project over a period about 10years. Approximately 65,000 design drawings are produced for APR1400 construction. In order to maintain consistency among numerous drawings, the highest level of design bases drawings (DBDs) are created according to design bases and this is used in the subsequent design. However, DBDs are produced and managed on a document basis and they are managed various field, it was difficult to accurately reflect the design bases information in the subsequent design. Therefore, this study recognizes limitations of the document based DBDs and develops a system that can accurately reflect the design bases information to subsequent design by adopting BIM based design bases integrated information system. Especially, by introducing DBIL(Design Bases Information Layer) concept, DBIL was created and analyzed based on five design bases(Physical protection, Fire protection, Internal missile protection, Internal flood protection, Radiation protection) applied to APR1400. In the final result DBIL set and Datasheet are integrated of room, design bases information, building data(wall, slab, door, window, penetrations). So it can be used for subsequent design automation and design verification. Furthermore, it is expected that APR1400 DBILs data can be used extensively in constructability and design economics analysis through comparison with next generation nuclear power plant.