Title Identification of Combinatorial Factors Affecting Fatal Accidents in Small Construction Sites: Association Rule Analysis
Authors Lee, Gangho ; Lee, Chansik ; Koo, Choogwan ; Kim, Tae Wan
DOI http://dx.doi.org/10.6106/KJCEM.2020.21.4.090
Page pp.90-99
ISSN 2005-6095
Keywords Association Rules; Data Analysis; Construction Death; Small Construction; Safety Management
Abstract The construction industry is suffering from a large number of fatal accidents. As many field works are being conducted in a dangerous condition such as working at height and adverse weather, they are always exposed to safety accidents with high frequency and severity compared to other industries. Such risk is even larger in small construction sites, but studies that focus on combinatorial factors leading to fatal accidents in small construction sites are lacking. Thus, in order to reduce the fatal accidents in the construction industry, this study analyzed 1,438 occupational death accidents cases in small construction sites and, then, conducted the association rule analysis to extract ten combinatorial factors that frequently led to fatal accidents in small construction sites. Based on the extracted association rules, this study also discussed possible countermeasures to reduce the fatal accidents. The results were explained to experts, who agreed on the results of the study. This study contributes to the construction safety management theory by providing a detailed analysis of fatal accidents in small construction sites that can be used for developing and deploying safety policies and educations for small construction site workers.