Title A Study on Supporting Design Decision Making in Office Building Remodeling Projects by Introducing Mixed Reality
Authors Han, Mooyeul ; Baek Kwanyup ; Lee, Kyung-Tae ; Ko, Seonju ; Kim, Ju-Hyung
DOI https://dx.doi.org/10.6106/KJCEM.2021.22.1.003
Page pp.3-12
ISSN 2005-6095
Keywords Remodeling; Decision making; Mixed Reality; Action Research
Abstract In the remodeling projects, clients without architectural expertise have limitations in presenting requirements accurately. In some cases, designers and contractors may not recognize their demands exactly, and deliver final products that are different from the clients’ intentions. 3D modeling visualizing final products in previous has been regarded as a solution to enhance understanding and communication. However, this approach has the limitation that the final results are presented as a virtual outputs. In the remodeling project, an alternative, mixed-reality, is likely to reinforce the reality as it enables to present remain structure and the parts to be built together. This paper examines the mixed reality as a solution to support decision making of clients and practitioners in remodeling projects. The examinations is conducted in high-rise office remodeling projects by means of action-research. Clients and practitioners, overview product models presented in the format of 2D drawings, BIM and mixed reality asked to evaluate the effectiveness of each methods in 12 standards. The results have shown that mixed reality has improved the sense of reality, making it easier to predict results, but recognizing patterns is difficult in some areas such as the floor, and it caused dizziness.