Title Productivity Analysis of Reinforced Concrete Works and Tower Crane Working Ratio for High-rise Apartment Buildings
Authors Kwon, Jihun ; Huh, Youngki
DOI https://dx.doi.org/10.6106/KJCEM.2021.22.1.055
Page pp.55-62
ISSN 2005-6095
Keywords Productivity; High-rise Building; RC Work; Tower Crane Utilization Rate; Factor
Abstract The productivity of rebar-work and form-work was analyzed with data collected from an actual high-rise construction project, and the actual utilization rates of three tower cranes were also investigated. It was found that the average productivity of the form-work increased from 12.00~8.71(㎡/manㆍday) in the underground and above-ground/lower-floor to 11.94~20.73(㎡/manㆍday) in the standard floor. Comparing the productivity of core area to outer, the former was found to be about 11% higher. Moreover, the rebar-work productivity of the outer area(1.12 ton/manㆍday) was approximately 9.6% higher than that of the core area for the standard floor. The average utilization rates of three TC were surveyed to be about 63.49%, and it was revealed that rainy weather(6.1%), strong winds(6.1%), holidays(17.8%), TC lifting work(5.8%), and other failures and repairs(0.07%) were the causes of non-operation. These research results are expected to be beneficial data in planning and managing the process of high-rise RC construction works in the future.