Title Prediction Survey on Construction Guarantee Market Due to the Restructuring of the Construction Industry's Production System
Authors Kim, Sungil ; Chang, Chulki ; Yoo, Hyunji
DOI https://dx.doi.org/10.6106/KJCEM.2021.22.1.063
Page pp.63-71
ISSN 2005-6095
Keywords Construction Production System; Elimination of Business Field; Construction Guarantee; Construction Guarantee Market
Abstract The construction guarantee market is a rear market affected by changes in the construction industry and market. As the restructuring of the construction industry's production system is being carried out, such as the abolition of regulations on business field between general and specialty contractors, major changes are expected not only in the construction market but also in the construction guarantee market. In construction guarantee market, there are currently three Contractor Financial Cooperatives, which are divided based on business field and business type(General, Specialty and Plant & Mechanical). The abolition of business field regulation will have various effects on construction guarantee market, such as forming a competitive structure among the three Contractor Financial Cooperatives. Therefore the role of the construction guarantee institutions are also required to change. This study predicted the changes in the construction guarantee market after the restructuring of construction industry and analyzed the ripple effect on the market. This study reviewed the details of the reorganization plan on the construction industry, policies and statistical data related to construction guarantee, and lastly conducted the survey on each member of the three Contractor Financial Cooperatives to analyze the usage behavior in the future guarantee market. Based on the result of this study, the members of both the General Contractor Financial Cooperative and Specialty Contractor Financial Cooperative are not willing to change the existing institutions, but a lot of them are expected to use other institutions in duplicate. The members of the Plant & Mechanical Contractor Financial Cooperative are most willing to use other guarantee institutions.