Title Research on the Construction of an Automation Model for Maintenance Managers Based on Smart Devices
Authors Park, Jihwan ; Chung, Suwan ; Lee, Seojoon ; Song, Jinwoo ; Kwon, Soonwook
DOI https://dx.doi.org/10.6106/KJCEM.2021.22.1.072
Page pp.72-80
ISSN 2005-6095
Keywords Maintenance Management of Building; Automated Model; COBie Data; BIM Data; Smart Construction
Abstract Based on the previous year’s statistics, 37% of buildings in South Korea are aged over 30 years. As the number of the aging buildings increases, so does the need for maintenance. Building maintenance involves a significant number of works; the work of ‘maintenance manager’ accounting for the largest part. Currently, the maintenance history record is mostly in drawing or handwritten form which makes reviewing the data highly time consuming. Therefore, to improve the convenience of maintenance works and optimize historical data management, the existing maintenance process was analyzed. Problems were derived and a smart device-based automation model was established. In order to establish a smart device-based automation model, ① general flow of facility management process was analyzed and related articles were reviewed, ② current maintenance process was optimized, ③ functional block diagram of BIM Data, COBie Data, IoT, and AR-based automated maintenance management model was created, ④ a smart device-based automated maintenance management model was constructed, ⑤ finally, the above system was verified by testing the aforementioned model in the field site, evaluating the time required for the maintenance process and reviewing maintenance history data against the current one.