Title Real Options Analysis for the Investment of Floating Photovoltaic Project in Saemangeum
Authors Kim, Kyeongseok
DOI https://dx.doi.org/10.6106/KJCEM.2021.22.1.090
Page pp.90-97
ISSN 2005-6095
Keywords Saemangeum; Floating photovoltaic project; Real Options; Economic Assessment; Uncertainty
Abstract Saemangeum Development is the largest national project in South Korea, which has been developed for an agricultural, economic and tourist area for 30 years from 1987. In order to convert power sources that used to depend on nuclear and thermal power to eco-friendly for carbon reduction, the government plans to construct a 2.1GW floating photovoltaic project by investing 4.6 trillion won, as a public-private project. For success of the Saemangeum floating photovoltaic project, economic feasibility should be checked. This study defined the factors (construction cost, electricity selling price, power generation and maintenance cost) that give a effect to the volatility of the floating photovoltaic payoffs, and analyzed the volatility of payoffs during 20 years operation period. NPV and option value of the project were calculated by applying an option to abandon. According to NPV analysis, it is determined that projects are difficult to invest. But this project has economic feasibility through real options analysis. This study is expected to help decision-makers in the economic analysis of floating photovoltaic projects by using the real options analysis.