Title Analysis of the Impact of the Expansion of Direct Construction Works and Suggestions on the Application
Authors Lee, Meesung ; Kim, Siyeon ; Yu, Ilhan ; Han, Ju-yeon ; Son, JeongWook
DOI https://dx.doi.org/10.6106/KJCEM.2020.22.6.015
Page pp.15-23
ISSN 2005-6095
Keywords Direct Construction; Direct Construction Mandatory System; Expert Interview
Abstract As the construction production system is reorganized as part of the construction industry innovation plan, direct construction is expanding. According to this trend, this study analyzed the impact and problems of the expansion of direct construction through the position of the construction industry and a study of foreign cases. In addition, by diagnosing the impact of the measures to expand direct construction from various aspects, countermeasures were suggested to suitably apply the direct construction mandatory system. Also, for each alternative, effects and problems were evaluated through interviews with experts in policy/administrative and architecture fields. The alternatives for expanding and improving the efficiency of the direct construction mandatory system derived from this study are four items: granting the discretion of the client, differentiation by scale of construction, utilization of construction guarantee system, and introduction of flexible working group leader system. As a result of the expert interview, all of them were evaluated to have a positive impact directly and indirectly on the expansion of direct construction. This study contributes literature to the application of the direct construction mandatory system by examining the current status of direct construction, and suggests a direction for expanding direct construction through deduction of alternatives for applying the direct construction mandatory system and expert evaluation.