Title A study on the Composition of the Production Rates System to Prepare Standards for Calculating the Construction Cost of PC Structure Apartments Based on Off-Site Construction (OSC)
Authors Lee, Hansoo ; Lee, Chiho ; Lee Jeongwook ; Noh Hyunseok
DOI https://dx.doi.org/10.6106/KJCEM.2020.22.6.096
Page pp.96-106
ISSN 2005-6095
Keywords Off Site Construction (OSC); Construction Standard Production Rates; Precast Concrete Method; Construction cost
Abstract The PC structure based on the OSC (Off-Site Construction) is mentioned as a representative method of innovation in the construction industry that converts the existing construction environment from site-centered to factory productiontransportation-site assembly. However, recent research on PC method has focused on improving the functions of subsidiary materials and improving the production system to increase productivity and institutional / policy R&D that can be universally applied to the life-cycle stage of ordering / design /construction is insufficient. In particular, the absence of standardized cost calculation standards makes it difficult to calculate and verify of objectified appropriate construction cost. So which is an obstacle to the activation of the PC method. In this study, the standards for construction costs of domestic and foreign PC method were surveyed and similar Construction Standard Production Rates were analyzed to confirm the product structure suitable for PC method. Subsequently, the construction procedures and input resources for each PC subsidiary materials were identified through on-site surveys to derive component for subsidiary materials, and the factors of change in the product according to the construction characteristics(height, weight of subsidiary material) were verified. As a result the standard product calculation system suitable for the site installation of the PC method for apartment was presented.