Title Method of Deriving Activity Relationship and Location Information from BIM Model for Construction Schedule Management
Authors Yoon, Hyeongseok ; Lee, Jaehee ; Hwang, Jaeyeong ; Kang, Hyojeong ; Park, sangmi ; Kang, Leenseok
DOI https://dx.doi.org/10.6106/KJCEM.2022.23.2.033
Page pp.33-44
ISSN 2005-6095
Keywords BIM; 4D Simulation; Automatic Schedule Generation; HDBSCAN Algorithm; Topological Sort Algorithm
Abstract The simulation function by the 4D system is a representative BIM function in the construction stage. For the 4D simulation, schedule information for each activity must be created and then linked with the 3D model. Since the 3D model created in the design stage does not consider schedule information, there are practical difficulties in the process of creating schedule information for application to the construction stage and linking the 3D model. In this study, after extracting the schedule information of the construction stage using the HDBSCAN algorithm from the 3D model in the design stage, authors propose a methodology for automatically generating schedule information by identifying precedence and sequencing relationships by applying the topological alignment algorithm. Since the generated schedule information is created based on the 3D model, it can be used as information that is automatically linked by the common parameters between the schedule and the 3D model in the 4D system, and the practical utility of the 4D system can be increased. The proposed methodology was applied to the four bridge projects to confirm the schedule information generation, and applied to the 4D system to confirm the simplification of the link process between schedule and 3D model.