Title Factors of Selecting Temporary Road Positions for the Optimal Path of Earthwork Equipment in Road Constructions
Authors Lee, Dong-Jun ; Kim, Sung-Keun
DOI https://dx.doi.org/10.6106/KJCEM.2022.23.2.085
Page pp.85-94
ISSN 2005-6095
Keywords Temporary Road; Construction Equipment; Equipment Control; Moving Path; Smart Construction
Abstract Construction industry is facing difficult challenges in terms of productivity, manpower, and industrial accidents. Currently, along with the 4th Industrial Revolution, various high-tech technologies are emerging, and efforts are being made to solve the problem by applying the technologies related to the 4th Industrial Revolution to the construction industry. As part of these efforts, research is being conducted to develop a construction equipment control system to increase productivity and safety at earthworks sites where many and various types of construction equipment are involved, and the system needs a function to increase productivity by optimizing the moving path of construction equipment. In the case of trucks, the location of the temporary road must be optimized in order to optimize the path of movement in the construction site. However, only matters related to the quality standard of temporary roads have been suggested so far, and there is no standardized process for efficiently determining the location of temporary roads. In this paper, the factors and its importance related to the location of the temporary road were identified through field surveys and interviews with experts, and a method for determining the location of the temporary road was presented. It was confirmed that the suggested method through a case study could improve the productivity of earthwork.